Press “Install” to install the app
You should have already seen a pop-up proposing to install the app.
Installation is being performed in background, so check icons on your device's home screen
If the app is not installing…
The installation pop-up didn’t appear
If the pop-up “ would like to install…" didn’t appear, check that you do not already have the same app installed from the AppStore.
If so nothing will happen. Delete the app installed from the AppStore to be able to install this one
Nothing seems to happen
If nothing happens after tapping "Install" on the pop-up, check your device's home screen: installation should be in progress and you should see the app icon and a progress indicator
"Unable to download app" pop-up
If "Unable to download app" pop-up appears, check your internet connection. If it works fine, contact our support team
Untrusted Enterprise Developer
When you first open an enterprise app you see a notification “Untrusted enterprise developer”
This is a standard one-time procedure for enterprise apps. You need to you set trust for the app developer. Go to Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management > tap on the developer's profile and tap "Trust".
You must be connected to the Internet to verify the app
Contact us
If you still can’t install the app, please contact our support team ( and we will be happy to help